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Contact Free Service Available

Call 616-457-1242 from the parking lot and let us know you want a contact free service, we can do everything over the phone so you can keep your windows up!

Quick Lube Services

Lube Center Services

Full Service Oil Change

HIGH MILEAGE oil change

Recommended for vehicles w/ 75,000+ miles.


100% Full Synthetic Oil Change

Mobile 1 Full Synthetic

Diesel 15w40

Additional Oil:


High Mileage

Fully Synthetic

Quick Lube
Quick Lube
Quick Lube

Our 16 Point Inspections

  • Lube Chassis

  • Check Front Differential

  • Check Rear Differential

  • Check Belts

  • Check Wipers

  • Check Tire Pressure

  • Check Transfer Case

  • Check PCV Valve

  • Check Air Filter

  • Check Cabin Air Filter

  • Check Lights

  • Check Transmission Fluid

  • Check Coolant

  • Check Power Steering Fluid

  • Check Washer Fluid

  • Check Battery Terminals

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